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Optical modules are classified by function.MPO Fiber patch cord

Release Date: Oct 17,2022


  According to the function points

  It includes optical receiving module, optical sending module, optical transceiver integrated module and optical forwarding module.

  The main function of the integrated transceiver module is to realize photoelectric/electro-optical transformation, including optical power control, modulation and transmission, signal detection, IV conversion and amplitude limit amplification decision regeneration function. In addition, there are anti-fake information query, TX-disable and other functions, which are common: SFP, SFF, SFP+, GBIC, XFP, 1x9 and so on.

  In addition to the photoelectric transformation function, the optical forwarding module also integrates many signal processing functions, such as MUX/DEMUX, CDR, function control, sexual energy acquisition and monitoring functions. Common optical forwarding modules are: 200/300pin, XENPAK, and X2/XPAK.

  transceiver integrated transceiver (Transceiver) is an important component in fiber communication system. [2]

  According to the parameters of the points

  Pluggability: hot swap and non-hot swap

  Package form: SFP, GBIC, XFP, Xenpak, X2, 1X9, SFF, 200/3000pin, XPAK.

  Transmission rate: The transmission rate is the number of bits transmitted per second in Mb/s or Gb/s. Optical transceiver products cover the following major rates: low rate, 100 Mbit/s, gigabit, 2.5G, 4.25G, 4.9G, 6G, 8G, 10G and 40G

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