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How to send the goods?

Usually deliver by courier, like DHL, UPS, FedEx; also bulk cargo by air & sea.

What's the payment terms?

TT, WesternUnion, Escrow(secure payment), Trade assurance, Cash, etc.

What's the delivery time for sample order?

Normally about 7 working days after confirmation.

How long will the lead time for the product take?

We can ship within 24 hours on business days. If the product is currently out of stock. 

You can also check the estimated shipping date from colleagues in the company. The lead time may be several days.

What about the compatibility of your company's products, especially for the mainstream brand switches on the market.

Our company's optical modules, active cables and passive cables are perfectly compatible with the large brand switches on the market, and compatibility is not a problem at all.

Please contact the company's professional before purchasing, who will adapt the compatible switch to your needs.

Can your company's products be professionally customized (OEM) ?

If there are customers who need to purchase in large quantities, we can carry out professional customization, that is, the products can use the customer's LOGO or text and patterns.

How about the packaging of the product?

We provide a variety of high-quality packaging for different products, including but not limited to anti-static bags, blisters, individual boxes, etc.

How do you ensure the quality of your products so that customers can be assured and satisfied.

Before our products leave the factory, we need to undergo strict inspection tests, such as 24-hour high and low temperature aging test, rate test, only after the product is determined to be qualified, will arrange delivery.

What products are your company's products optical modules, active cables and passive cables mainly used in.

Our company's products can be applied to a wide variety of equipment, including fiber switches, fiber routers, firewalls, fiber network card servers, storage devices, fiber optic transceivers and other equipment.

How to accurately identify single-mode fiber patch cords?

Single-mode fiber patch cord is a very common optical fiber used in daily life, usually with G652D9/125um font printed on the yellow and blue cable surface.

Could you do design for us?

Yes, we provide customized service and can do artworks including printing, logo etc. for you.

Can I use my own LOGO and design on products?

YES, OEM is welcomed.

Could you offer samples?

Yes, samples are accepted.You need place sample order to us, and we will reduce from bulk order. 

What's the delivery time for bulk order?

Normally 7-20 days depends on products and order quantities.

How can I believed your company?

We have 14 years of industry experience, more than Ten years of focus on the field of optical communication, optical modules, AOC, DAC.

Technical reserves, talent reserves are not comparable to other companies in Shenzhen.

How is the performance of your company's products, why should I trust you?

Our company's products are absolutely trustworthy, all products before leaving the factory, have to be tested by professionals, professional equipment, only qualified to sell to customers.

How is your company's after-sales service?

After-sales service that can make customers rest assured, product warranty for three years, and professional after-sales personnel 24 hours to provide efficient after-sales service.

Do your products have price advantages? Is the product competitive enough?

Under the premise of ensuring high quality, our products are basically factory direct sales, factory direct production and sales, resale to customers at very preferential prices, and use the cost price to benefit customers, directly maximize customer interests. 

Are your products widely compatible and plug-and-play?

Our products are widely compatible with Cisco, Huawei, H3C, Intel, ZTE, Dell, Brocade, Ruijie, D-link, Hikvision, Fiberhome, Inspur, Supermicro, Mellanox, TP-link, IBM, Juniper, NETGEAR, Hewlett-Packard, Aruba, Mikrotik and other brands of equipment.

Adapt to major brands of switches Each optical module has undergone strict quality control and real machine testing before leaving the warehouse to ensure that each optical module can be perfectly compatible.

What is the technical powers of your company?

Our company has a professional R & D team, strong technical strength, years of R & D experience, coupled with our own precipitation in the optical communication industry, every year can innovate in technology and become the leader of technology in the communication industry.

What are the characteristics of the appearance of multimode fiber patch cords

Multimode fiber patch cords are clearly different from single-mode fiber patch cords in color, and the common color of multimode fiber patch cords is orange lake water blue purple, and the performance of such fiber patch cords is printed with 62.5/125um50/125um font.

What is your commitment and service?

1. 100% original products: Quality assurance, affordable prices,Integrity is our fundamental!

2.We support return:Within 7 days.

3. Safeguard procedures:

Original box +  outer packing to prevent any damage.

4.Fastest speed:100% Response rate and Delivery rate,Ready to Ship.

5. Best quality:

All optical modules, active cables, and passive cables have undergone strict testing before leaving the factory, and can only be shipped after they are qualified.

6.Payment methods:

We accept TT / Western Union / Paypal / Moneygram / Alibaba's trade guarantee.

7. Best service: 24/7 after-sales service.